-Paul Rand

Branding Brief
Did you have a particular style of logo in mind?
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5. Select a KEY WORD that describe your Brand

Please provide all finalised copy and make sure it is grammatically sound and correct before submission.
Text, titles, images, dates, locations, slogans, etc.


All responses to this Brief need to be submitted before the design begins. Please note that copyrighting of your content is not included in any of the design packages and needs to be taken care of before you submit your content. Please attach in a separate file with ALL content clearly labelled.


PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to copyright and register the name of your new business before the design process begins. It is also up to you to do a trademark search and federal trademark registration if you want to register your business Trademark. I personally advise from a duplication perspective that you search all social media platforms to ensure that your concept is original in terms of the business name.

Look forward to Creating with You.