Mountains of Possibility

From as early as Pre-School I remember being encouraged in painting and drawing. Being pulled aside to draw a portrait of our two Teachers to be printed on a class tea-towel. This essentially was my first printed piece of work.

Despite all the words of encouragement from friends and family over the years, there still seems like a lot of risk in pursuing a dream that is close to your heart. For me right now that is Graphic Design - in all it's different forms. For my friend's Nick and Kristina it is starting their own cafe called 'Camp." A place where friends can come together for warm vibes, deliciously thoughtful food, and beautiful brews. It has been a true pleasure watching from the sidelines as elements of their dream have aligned over the last 3 year to form the beautiful haven in Albion, now know to us as 'Camp.'

In a passing conversation I was having with Nick during construction, I mentioned I was looking into doing a mural. A sort of thing you say in expectation others will scoff and scorn in doubt. This had always been a secret dream of mine. One I was scared to voice, as it takes a lot of risk to do something of that scale! Next thing I know I am in their beautifully finished cafe standing on a ladder thrashing paint about onto a crisp white wall!

This is the biggest painting I have created to date, and a personal accomplishment for me. A reminder that anything worth doing is usually somewhat risky, and uncomfortable. In my experience it is always ALWAYS worth the risk! I loved the process of marking it up, painting, re-painting and adding the detail. I wanted to share a few photos of the process in-between.

A big Thank-you to Nick and Kristina for their trust, and thanks for following your dreams to bring Brisbane delish coffee and food. xx